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Chlorophyllum and Macrolepiota (Agaricaceae) in Australia

Australian Systematic Botany 16(3) 361 - 370
Published: 30 June 2003


A checklist of and a key to seven species of Chlorophyllum Massee and Macrolepiota Singer in Australia are given. Two species are described as new: C. nothorachodes Vellinga & Lepp from Australian Capital Territory and M. eucharis Vellinga & Halling from Queensland. Chlorophyllum hortense (Murrill) Vellinga is adopted as name for Leucoagaricus fimetarius (Cooke & Massee → Sacc.) Aberdeen. Chlorophyllum brunneum (Farl. & Burt) Vellinga is the correct name for the species often referred to as M. rachodes in Australia. Macrolepiota clelandii Grgur. is variable in colour and especially in the number of spores per basidium and the shape of the cheilocystidia and encompasses all Australian collections under the names M. konradii, M. gracilenta, M. mastoidea and M. procera.

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