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Studies on the Hygrophoraceae (Fungi, Homobasidiomycetes, Agaricales) of Australia

A. M. Young and A. E. Wood

Australian Systematic Botany 10(6) 911 - 1030
Published: 1997


The species of the Australian Hygrophoraceae are considered and three genera recognised: Hygrophorus Fr.; Hygrocybe (Fr.) Kummer; and Camarophyllopsis Herink. Fifty-seven taxa are described, of which 35 are new species, two are new varieties and six are new combinations; the position of Hygrocybe flammans (Berk.) A.M.Young remains uncertain. The taxa described are believed to represent less than 30% of the Australian family flora. Keys, descriptions and line drawings are provided to facilitate identification and a possible systematic structure is proposed. A brief review of Australian literature relevant to the family is provided.

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