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A Reappraisal of Acacia cowleana and Allied Taxa, Including the Description of a New Species, A. elachantha, from the Tropical Dry-zone of Australia

M. W. McDonald and B. R. Maslin

Australian Systematic Botany 10(3) 303 - 320
Published: 1997


The taxonomy of Acacia cowleana Tate is reviewed. In thepast this name had been applied to a broadly circumscribed entity which is nowtreated as two species, A. cowleana sensu typico andA. elachantha M.W.McDonald & Maslin, sp. nov. Fullbotanical descriptions, illustrations and distribution maps are given.Acacia oligophleba Pedley is treated as conspecific withA. cowleana. A lectotype is selected forA. cowleana.Acacia cowleana andA. elachantha along with A. coleiMaslin & L.Thomson, A. leptocarpa A.Cunn. ex Benth.,A. longispicata Benth.,A. thomsonii Maslin & M.W.McDonald and anundescribed species from Wetar, Indonesia, constitute the informalA. cowleana group. The main distinguishing charactersfor the six described species in the group are given.

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