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Revision of Atractocarpus (Rubiaceae: Gardenieae) in Australia and new combinations for some extra-Australian taxa

Australian Systematic Botany 12(2) 271 - 309
Published: 1999


The seven Australian species of Atractocarpus Schltr.& K.Krause are revised and full descriptions and keys provided. Two newsubspecies, A. benthamianus subsp.glaber and A. fitzalanii subsp.tenuipes are described. Shorter descriptions and notesare provided for eleven extra-Australian species transferred toAtractocarpus from NeofranciellaGuillaumin, Randia s.l., Sukunia A.C.Sm.,Sulitia Merr. and Trukia Kaneh.Seventeen new combinations are made:Atractocarpus benthamianus(Randia benthamiana F.Muell.),A. carolinensis(Randia carolinensis Valeton),A. chartaceus (Gardenia chartaceaF.Muell.), A. crosbyi(Randia crosbyi Burkill),A. decorus (Randia decoraValeton), A. fitzalanii(Gardenia fitzalanii F.Muell.),A. hirtus (Gardenia hirtaF.Muell.), A. longipes(Sukunia longipes A.C.Sm.),A. macarthurii (Randia macarthuriiF.Muell.), A. merikin(Gardenia merikin F.M.Bailey),A. obscurinervius(Gardenia obscurinervia Merr.),A. pentagonioides(Gardenia pentagonioides Seem.),A. pterocarpon(Franciella pterocarpon Guillaumin),A. sessilis (Randia sessilisF.Muell.), A. tahitiensis(Randia tahitiensis Nadeaud),A. tenuiflorus (Randia tenuifloraA.C.Sm.) and A. versteegii(Randia versteegii Valeton).

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