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Contributions to a revision of Melaleuca (Myrtaceae): 4–6

BA Barlow and KJ Cowley

Australian Systematic Botany 1(2) 95 - 126
Published: 1988


4. The Melaleuca cuticularis species group is revised and found to comprise 13 species, of which M. bromelioides, M. haplantha, M. sciotostyla, M. subalaris, M, teuthidoides and M. torquata are described as new. A new species, M. lecanantha, is described to accommodate that known by the illegitimate name M. conferta Bentham. Subspecies recognised include M. halmaturorum subsp. cymbifolia, based on M. cymbifolia Benth., and M. pauperifora subspp. fastigiata and mutica and M. calycina subsp. dempta which are described as new. 5. The M. lanceolata species group is revised and found to comprise five species, of which M. strobophylla and M. xerophila are described as new. Four subspecies are recognised in M. lanceolata Otto, including subspp. occidentalis, planifolia and thaeroides, all described as new. 6. The occurrence of M. quadrifaria F.Muell. in South Australia is confirmed from recent collections.

© CSIRO 1988

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