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Anetholea (Myrtaceae), a new genus for Backhousia anisata: a cryptic member of the Acmena alliance

Peter G. Wilson, Marcelle M. O'Brien and Christopher J. Quinn

Australian Systematic Botany 13(3) 429 - 435
Published: 2000


The taxonomic position of Backhousia anisata is reassessed on morphological and anatomical grounds and its affinities found to lie with the Acmena alliance. Backhousia anisata is glabrous and has a suite of wood anatomical character-states that are more consistent with a phylogenetic position in or near the Acmena alliance than with other Backhousia species; molecular data also support this placement. Since this species lacks the fleshy fruit, thick cotyledons and hypogeal germination characteristic of other members of the Acmena alliance, a new genus Anetholea Peter G.Wilson is described to accommodate it, and the new combination Anetholea anisata (Vickery) Peter G.Wilson made.

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