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Figs, wasps and species concepts: a re-evaluation of the infraspecific taxa of Ficus macrophylla (Moraceae: Urostigma sect. Malvanthera)

Australian Systematic Botany 14(1) 125 - 132
Published: 2001


Ficus macrophylla Desf. ex Pers. is redescribed with two forms, F. macrophylla f. macrophylla and F. macrophylla f. columnaris (C.Moore) D.J.Dixon. Morphological data as well as reproductive data was used to assess the criteria for infraspecific concepts of the taxa associated with F. macrophylla. Knowledge of the pollinator wasp associated with each population of F. macrophylla has permitted a much finer resolution of the relationships between taxa. The pollinator wasp of both forms of F. macrophylla is Pleistodontes froggatti Mayr. A key to the forms, notes, distribution maps and conservation status is provided.

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