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Studies in the agaricales of New Zealand: New species, new records and renamed species of Pleurotus (Pleurotaceae)

BP Segedin, PK Buchanan and JP Wilkie

Australian Systematic Botany 8(3) 453 - 482
Published: 1995


Six species of Pleurotus (Fr.) P.Kumm, are recognised. Descriptions are given for P. purpureoolivaceus comb. nov. (= P. rattenbulyi), P. velatus sp. nov. and P. parsonsii. Three new records, P. australis, P. opuntiae and P. pulmonarius, are described from New Zealand material, and cultural characters and mating systems are reported. An anamorphic stage, Antromycopsis sp., is described for P. purpureo-olivaceus. Intercompatibility tests confirm that P. australis, P. opuntiae, P. ostreatus (extra-limital), P. pulmonarius and P. purpureo-olivaceus are genetically inter-incompatible. Lentinellus crawfordii, previously recombined as Pleurotus crawfordii, is reinstated, and Resupinatus crawfordii is recombined as Panellus crawfordii.

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