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Banksia Sect. Coccinea (Proteaceae), a new section

TL Maguire, M Sedgley and JG Conran

Australian Systematic Botany 9(6) 887 - 891
Published: 1996


A new section of Banksia, sect. Coccinea (A.S.George) T.L.Maguire, M.Sedgley & J.G.Conran, is described to include the single, but phylogenetically isolated species, Banksia coccinea R.Br. Sectional classification is based on the distinct morphological features of B. coccinea and its pollen–pistil compatibility to other species of Banksia. Interspecific pollination shows lower style compatibility with species of sect. Oncostylis, rather than sect. Banksia, where B. coccinea is currently placed. Due to the lack of lower style compatibility with sect. Banksia and B. coccinea's distinctive morphology, it is proposed to erect a new monotypic section as sister to sect. Oncostylis.

© CSIRO 1996

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