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Editor-in-Chief - Daniel J. Murphy

Dr Dr Dan Murphy

Dr Dan Murphy´s primary research interests are the use of molecular data (DNA sequencing) and morphology to investigate the systematics, taxonomy, and biogeography of flowering plants. As a systematic botanist (Molecular Systematist) at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, he is answering research questions about the evolutionary history of plants, with a particular interest in the Australian arid zone. He is also investigating co-evolutionary relationships (host-plant interactions) and movements of plants in a contemporary (including naturalised and invasive species), historical and pre-historical (biogeographic) framework. The main taxonomic groups he studies are legumes (especially Acacia and related mimosoids), grasses, Adansonia, and Proteaceae.

As an active participant in the systematics and evolutionary biology research community, he has been a long-term member of the Editorial Board of the journal Muelleria; co-supervises students enrolled at several different universities and holds an honorary associate position at the University of Melbourne; and for the past 10 years has co-organised the Melbourne Systematics Forum, a monthly meeting facilitating discussion between systematists.

Dr Daniel J. Murphy
Australian Systematic Botany
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