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Proteoid root mats stabilise Hawkesbury Sandstone biomantles following fire

Australian Journal of Soil Research 36(6) 1033 - 1044
Published: 1998


The proteoid roots of Banksia serrata L. f. form a dense mat which actively binds biomantle material. In this study, the proteoid root mats of B. serrata L. f. were studied within the context of repeating landscape elements to determine their impact on soil erosion following fire. It was found that proteoid root mats on a Hawkesbury Sandstone hillslope were extensive and positioned high in the soil profile at a time when soils might otherwise be susceptible to soil erosion. On the basis of this evidence, it is concluded that the proteoid roots ofBanksia serrata L. f. stabilise Hawkesbury Sandstone biomantles following bushfire.

Keywords: soil erosion, bushfire, micro-geomorphic elements.

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