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Conservation Value to Birds of Remnants of Melaleuca Forest in Suburban Brisbane.

DR Grover and PJ Slater

Wildlife Research 21(4) 433 - 444
Published: 1994


The bird species composition of nine remnants of Melaleuca quinquenervia forest in NE Brisbane, Queensland, was censused from March 1992 to March 1993 to investigate the effect of forest fragmentation and fragment characteristics. Remnant area was a correlated with the total number of bird species and the number of raptors occurring, while understorey vegetation density was related to the number of forest and understorey bird species. The species composition of the M. quinquenervia remnants was compared with that of the Cooloola National Park and with that of eucalypt [Eucalyptus] remnants in lowland SE Queensland. Even the small M. quinquenervia remnants around Brisbane play an important role in conserving the avian fauna of the region by providing habitat and refuges for migrant, nesting, locally rate and uncommon species, and species not commonly found in other forest types. Future recommended management involves the maintenance of size, habitat diversity and understorey vegetation density, the prevention of disturbance and the preservation of swampy areas and ponds.

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