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Response of the Skink Oligosoma Maccanni (Reptilia: Lacertilia) to Two Vertebrate Pest-Control Baits.

AB Freeman, GJ Hickling and CA Bannock

Wildlife Research 23(4) 511 - 516
Published: 1996


The attractiveness of two vertebrate pest-control baits (non-toxic RS5 and Pindone-impregnated AgTech) to captive skinks (Oligosoma maccanni) was assessed with timelapse video and feeding trials in New Zealand. 0. maccanni were attracted to both bait types. When dry, pindone baits were more palatable than RS5 baits. However, when wet the palatability of both baits increased and was similar. Bait size had no significant effect on palatability. Lizards ate an average of 0.01 g of RS5 bait or 0.02 g of Agtech Pindone bait, over two days. On the basis of published susceptibility data, it is unlikely that this level of consumption would expose skinks to lethal doses of these vertebrate pest toxins. Potential sublethal effects of such doses require further study.

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