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Environmental problems - Chemical approaches

Special Issues

Published: 05 May 2023

Dedication to Professor Kevin Francesconi

Online Edition

Guest Editor:
Joerg Feldmann (University of Graz, Austria)

This Special Issue is a dedication to Professor Kevin Francesconi, father of organoarsenicals in the environment, and a previous Editor-in-Chief of this journal, Environmental Chemistry.

Published: 03 November 2022

Special Issue Dedicated to Dr Graeme Batley

Online Edition

Guest Editor
Simon C. Apte (CSIRO Land and Water)
This special issue is a tribute to Graeme Batley’s career and his many contributions to the field of environmental chemistry.

Published: 22 June 2020

Antimony in the Environment: A Chinese Perspective

Online Edition


Published: 09 December 2019

The International Conference on Water: From Pollution to Purification

Online Edition


Published: 21 March 2016

Biological and Environmental Chemistry of DMS(P) and Related Compounds

Online Edition


Published: 25 September 2015

Microplastics in the Environment

Online Edition


Published: 27 July 2015

Naturally Produced Organohalogens – Atmosphere and Soil

Online Edition


Published: 28 June 2013

Dedication to Professors Jeffries and Kamens

Online Edition


Published: 29 June 2012

Mass Spectrometric Approaches for Atmospheric Aerosols

Online Edition