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Pacific Conservation Biology Pacific Conservation Biology Society
A journal dedicated to conservation and wildlife management in the Pacific region.

Publishing Science 101: advice on submitting and promoting your research paper

For research students, the first scientific paper is a rite of passage, marking the transition from being consumers of knowledge to generating new understanding. The rules, though, are tricky, complicated by recent upheavals such as Open Access arrangements, online only publishing and, lurking like a crocodile, the new threat of predatory publishers.

As an editor of a journal that includes many contributions from students as well as leading luminaries, the editorial board and I are keen to assist beginning authors on their journey. After noticing that certain issues recur, we’ve published overviews of the whole journey from writing to proofs to assist new authors.

Additionally, I’ve addressed particular themes in editorials to open the black box of editorial handling and allow authors to peer inside to see how decisions are made and how they can help the progress of their own papers. Topics include the common mistakes authors make in presentation or in misunderstanding what happens in production, fine details of the importance of accurate referencing and proofing, navigating problems with authorship, making decisions about Open Access, and promoting work once it is accepted. With those mysteries solved, authors can concentrate on their science and its wonderful stories.

Mike Calver

Editor-in-Chief, Pacific Conservation Biology