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A Study of the Biology of the Wild Rabbit in Climatically Different Regions in Eastern Australia V*. The Use of Aerial Surveys to Map the Distribution of Rabbit Warrens over Large Areas of Semiarid North-western New South Wales

BS Parker and K Myers

Australian Wildlife Research 1(1) 17 - 26
Published: 1974


Aerial surveys can be used to measure the distribution of rabbit warrens over large areas of arid and semiarid Australia.

Clumped patterns of distribution of rabbit warrens found by ground surveys are also detected in aerial surveys, which further show that the highest density of warrens occurs in habitats containing shales or other fine-grained rocks overlain by recent sediments, or those closely related to drainage systems.

A good picture of rabbit distribution is obtained when about 25% of the area has been overed by the aircraft.

* Part IV, Aust. J. Zool., 1971, 19, 355–70.

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