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Review: The Materials Chemistry of Inorganic Catalysts

Australian Journal of Chemistry 54(10) 551 - 560
Published: 13 March 2002


The factors that govern the materials chemistry of a variety of new catalysts are identified and illustrated. Prominence is given mainly to nanoporous (and some nanoparticle) catalysts, which are of high relevance in ‘clean’ technology and ‘green’ chemistry. In particular, molecular sieve catalysts for the regioselective oxyfunctionalization of alkanes, clay catalysts for Brønsted-acid catalysed ester formation, titanium ion-centred epoxidation catalysts, enantioselective catalysts based on organometallic moieties heterogenized within mesoporous silicas, and Fischer–Tropsch catalysts for both the production of fuel and desirable chemical commodities are described. A single-step, solvent-free nanoporous, bifunctional catalyst for the benign ammoximation of cyclohexanone (leading to caproclactam) is also outlined, as is the lure and limitations of combinatorial chemistry for the design of new catalysts.

Manuscript received: 15 October 2001.

Final version: 2 November 2001.

© CSIRO 2002

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