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Synthesis and Antineoplastic Activity of Quinoline Derivatives

Qiang Zhou A , Jing Hou A , Huamin Li A , Li Cui A , Han Jia A , Bing Gong A B and Lan He A C
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A Colleges of Chemistry and Resources Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China.

B Department of Chemistry, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY 14260, USA.

C Corresponding author. Email:

Australian Journal of Chemistry 61(7) 531-536
Submitted: 5 December 2007  Accepted: 29 April 2008   Published: 16 July 2008


Designed as a new series of molecules that contain the quinoline substructure, several 11H-indolo[3.2-c]quinoline derivatives were synthesized and subjected to biological evaluation. Several compounds were found to exhibit cytotoxic activity against the growth of colon (HTC-8), liver (BEL-7402), gastric (BCG-823), pulmonary gland (A549), and ovary (A2780) cancer cell lines. The structure–activity relationship of these compounds is discussed.


This work was supported by the Research Fund for the Doctoram of Higher Education of China Grant 20070027038 (to L.H.), the National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant 20772012 (to L.H.), and the Beijing Natural Science Foundation of China Grant 2073024 (to L.H.); the Changjiang Scholar Program and the Cultivation Fund of the Key Scientific and Technical Innovation Project, Ministry of Education of China Grant 708009 (to B.G.), National Science Foundation Grant CHE-0314577 (to B.G.), and Office of Naval Research Grant N000140210519 (to B.G.).


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