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The calculation of true dipole moments form solutions in Polar Solvents

AD Buckingham

Australian Journal of Chemistry 6(4) 323 - 331
Published: 1953


The theory presented in an earlier paper is here developed as a method for the evaluation of' true dipole moments from data obtained from solutions in polar solvents. As illustrations, the new method is applied to values relating to solutions of several substances in chloroform, chlorobenzene, and nitrobenzene. The results, considering the nature of the problem, are satisfactory. The accuracy is greatest when the solute is highly polar and the dielectric constant of the solvent small. Aqueous solutions of pyridine and of two amino acids are also considered. In the latter cases especially, the predicted dipole moments agree most favourably with anticipated values obtained for the zwitterions by multiplying the electronic charge by the expected charge separation.

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