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3-Hydroxyphysodic acid. Chemical corroboration of the structure of this lichen depsidone

JA Elix and U Engkaninan

Australian Journal of Chemistry 29(12) 2693 - 2699
Published: 1976


The published structure of the lichen depsidone ?physodol? has been shown to be incorrect. This compound is in fact identical with 3- hydroxyphysodic acid (2) (1?-carboxy-2?,3,4-trihydroxy-6-(2?- oxoheptyl)-6?-pentyldepsidone).     Chemical evidence is presented to confirm the isocoumarin structure (10) for that of the key decarboxy anhydro derivative obtained by degradation of 3-hydroxyphysodic acid, and thus to disprove the alternative 5-hydroxy formulation suggested for this compound.

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