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Exciton fission and annihilation in crystalline tetracene

GR Fleming, DP Millar, GC Morris, JM Morris and GW Robinson

Australian Journal of Chemistry 30(11) 2353 - 2359
Published: 1977


The time-resolved fluorescence of tetracene crystals excited by a single 7-ps pulse of 530-nm light has been measured with a streak camera/OMA system. The singlet exciton lifetime was found to be 300±30 ps at 293 K. Singlet-singlet exciton annihilation was observed, and the rate constant found to be 5 x 10-9 cm3 s-1. In order to fit the observed decay curves, an upper limit of c. 1 x 10-9 cm3 s-1 must be set on the singlet-triplet exciton annihilation rate. The measured singlet-singlet exciton annihilation rate is consistent with a hopping model for singlet exciton motion at room temperature.

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