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Effects of p-substituents on the conformation of acetophenone

D Mirarchi and GLD Ritchie

Australian Journal of Chemistry 34(7) 1443 - 1450
Published: 1981


Experimental dipole moments and infinite-dilution molar Kerr constants are reported for six p-substituted acetophenones (CH3COC6H4X; X = Me, But, NO2, CN, F, Br) as solutes in carbon tetrachloride at 298 K. Analysis of these results and reconsideration of previously reported data for acetophenone and p-chloroacetophenone yields the dihedral angle, Φ, between the planes of the carbonyl and aryl groups in the effective conformation of each molecule (X = H, Φ = 0°; Me, 0°; But, 10±10°; NO2, 20±15°; NO2, 20±20°; F, 27±5°; Cl, 32±5°; Br, 30±10°).

© CSIRO 1981

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