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Applications of the intermolecular nuclear Overhauser effect. I. Determination of differential solvent effects: the hydration of pyridine

GR Smith and B Ternai

Australian Journal of Chemistry 36(3) 493 - 505
Published: 1983


The intermolecular relaxation rates of the pyridine-water system have been obtained by the measurement of the total spin lattice relaxation rate and the intermolecular nuclear Overhauser effect between pyridine and water, for each pyridine proton. The advantages of this method for the determination of the intermolecular relaxation rates are discussed, and the method is compared with alternative methods. The results indicate that there is a varying degree of hydration about the pyridine molecule, with the nitrogen being the preferred site of water interaction. It is necessary to interpret the results in terms of solute-solute as well as solute-solvent interactions. A model is proposed which takes account of both types of interaction, and is considered in terms of previously proposed models of pyridine-water interactions.

© CSIRO 1983

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