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The preparation and 1H n.m.r. spectra of some N-methylpurines and related compounds

GB Barlin and MD Fenn

Australian Journal of Chemistry 36(3) 633 - 638
Published: 1983


A 1H n.m.r. study of some methoxy-, methylthio- and chloro-N-methyl-purines and imidazo[4,5-c]-pyridines revealed that the signal due to the N-methyl group when present in the six-membered ring occurred at lower field than when present in the imidazole ring. The methylation of 2-,6-and 8-methoxypurines with diazomethane, and metatheses of chloro-N-methylpurines each to methoxy-N-methylpurines are described.

© CSIRO 1983

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