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The Chloro and Bromo Complexes of Iridium(III) and Iridium(IV). III. The Crystal-Structures of K3[IrCl6] and Cs2[IrCl5H2O] and Interpretation of the N.Q.R. Data of Chloroiridates(III)

RK Coll, JE Fergusson, BR Penfold, DA Rankin and WT Robinson

Australian Journal of Chemistry 40(12) 2115 - 2122
Published: 1987


The crystal structure of K3[IrCl6] (monoclinic, P21/c, a 1250.0, b 742.3, c 1183.3, Ir-Cl range 235.2-237.3 pm) has been redetermined , and the crystal structure of Cs2 [IrCl5H2O] [orthorhombic, C mcm , a 737.2, b 1728.3, c 801.4 pm, Ir-Cl (mean) 243.3 pm] has been determined. Results of an earlier n.q.r . Study of hexachloroiridates (111) have been interpreted on the basis of their known structures.

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