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Facile Metal-Directed Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a New Amino Acid Ester, Methyl 3-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]-2-[(2-aminoethyl)aminomethyl]propionate, as the Copper(II) Complex

PV Bernhardt, GA Lawrance, BW Skelton and AH White

Australian Journal of Chemistry 43(2) 399 - 404
Published: 1990


Condensation of bis (ethane-1,2-diamine) copper(II) perchlorate with formaldehyde and diethyl malonate in basic methanol generates the new amino acid ester complex (ethyl hydrogen bis [(2-aminoethyl ) aminomethyl ] malonate )copper(II) perchlorate, [Cu(1)] (ClO4)2. Base- catalysed ester hydrolysis and decarboxylation in methanol of[Cu(1)]2+ yields, with reesterification, (methyl 3-[(2-aminoethy )amino]-2-[(2-aminoethyl) aminomethyl ]propionate)copper(II) perchlorate, [Cu(2)](ClO4)2. This complex crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/c, a 12.763(6), b 9.176(2), c 16.32(2)Ǻ, β 112.49 (6)°, Z 4, R 0.054 for 2626 independent 'observed' reflections. The copper ion lies in a near plane of four nitrogens with perchlorates occupying axial sites.

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