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Deoxyspongiaquinones: New Sesquiterpene Quinones and Hydroquinones From a Southern Australian Marine Sponge Euryspongia sp.

S Urban and RJ Capon

Australian Journal of Chemistry 49(5) 611 - 615
Published: 1996


Chemical investigation of a marine sponge, Euryspongia sp., collected from the Great Australian Bight, Australia, resulted in the isolation of two new sesquiterpene quinones , deoxyspongiaquinone (4) and (E)-chlorodeoxyspongiaquinone (5), as well as two sesquiterpene hydroquinones, deoxyspongiaquinol (6) and (E)-chlorodeoxyspongiaquinol (7). The structures for (4)-(7) were determined by detailed spectroscopic analysis, as well as chemical interconversion and degradation.

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