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An expanded molecular phylogeny of metaine spiders (Araneae, Tetragnathidae) with descriptions of new metaine and leucaugine taxa from Taiwan and the Philippines.

Robert Kallal , Gustavo Hormiga


Despite numerous phylogenetic analyses of the orb-weaving spider family Tetragnathidae, a number of relationships from the subfamily to species level are tenuous or unclear. One such example regards the validity and composition of the tetragnathid subfamily Metainae, which historically has mixed support and limited taxon sampling. Sequences for six genetic markers – 12S, 16S, 18S, 28S, cytochrome c oxidase subunit I, and histone H3, were analyzed for 78 taxa, including 10 which are new or have additional markers. Analyzed using both maximum likelihood and Bayesian frameworks, we find good support for Metainae for the first time. The subfamily includes three previously described genera – Meta C.L. Koch, Metellina Chamberlin & Ivie, and Dolichognatha O. Pickard-Cambridge – in addition to one described herein, Zhinu, gen. nov., from Taiwan. We further synonymize the monotypic Menosira Chikuni with Metellina and reaffirm the synonymy of Prolochus Thorell with Dolichognatha. Finally, we describe a new species of leucaugine tetragnathid from the Philippines, Orsinome megaloverpa, sp. nov., the second member of Orsinome Thorell to be placed in a phylogenetic context.

IS17058  Accepted 01 August 2017

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