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Foregut evacuation of four foods by the western rock lobster, Panulirus cygnus, in Aquaria

LM Joll

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 33(5) 939 - 943
Published: 1982


Foregut evacuation of four foods (two species of foliose coralline algae Corallina cuvieri and Metagoniolithon stelliferum, the gastropod Littorina unifasciata and foot muscle of the abalone Haliotis roei) by P. cygnus at 25°C was examined by serial slaughter techniques. Animals were allowed to consume the weighed meals voluntarily, but because of indifference to the corallines it was necessary to allow a 2-h feeding period. Evacuation of all foods was rapid and almost complete 4-6 h after the termination of the feeding period.

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