Marine and Freshwater Research Marine and Freshwater Research Society
Advances in the aquatic sciences


Marine and Freshwater Research is an international and interdisciplinary journal publishing contributions on all aquatic environments. The journal’s content addresses broad conceptual questions and investigations about the ecology and management of aquatic environments. Environments range from groundwaters, wetlands and streams to estuaries, rocky shores, reefs and the open ocean. Subject areas include, but are not limited to: aquatic ecosystem processes, such as nutrient cycling; biology; ecology; biogeochemistry; biogeography and phylogeography; hydrology; limnology; oceanography; toxicology; conservation and management; and ecosystem services. Contributions that are interdisciplinary and of wide interest and consider the social-ecological and institutional issues associated with managing marine and freshwater ecosystems are welcomed. Manuscripts that are largely theoretical, or focused on the biology or physiology of specific taxa, or on modeling or fisheries without adequate reference to the aquatic environment are generally not considered.