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Residency and movement patterns of yellowfin bream (Acanthopagrus australis) released at natural and artificial reef

Michael Lowry , Alistair Becker , Heath Folpp , James McLeod , Matthew Taylor


This study investigated the long-term (> 2 year) site fidelity, residency and movement patterns of A. australis (Sparidae) at artificial (AR) and natural reef (NR) sites. We used acoustic telemetry to assess movement patterns of 39 fish released at NR and AR locations and other habitat types within the study area. Detection periods ranged from one day to a maximum of 912 days with 36% of fish detected by the array for greater than one year and a further 7 % detected for greater than two years. Results indicate that tagged fish tended to remain associated with the release site; however, AR fish were detected for considerably longer periods with greater numbers of fish identified as resident within the AR system. Longer range movements of >200 km were also detected but there was no obvious trend with release location. The results of this study indicate interactions between existing and introduced artificial habitat are more complex than a “draw down” effect and provides further evidence that artificial reef systems provide suitable habitat for a variety of species and provides further support for the use of AR systems in fisheries enhancement initiatives.

MF16351  Accepted 10 February 2017

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