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Quantitative prediction and typical factor effects of phosphorus adsorption on the surface sediments from the intertidal zones of the Yellow River Delta, China

Baocui Liang , Xiao Qian , Xinhui Liu , Shengnan Zhao , Baoshan Cui , Junhong Bai


Using 13 sediment physicochemical properties and partial-least-squares (PLS) regression method, a predictive model was developed for the phosphorus (P) adsorption capacity of sediments in the intertidal zones of the Yellow River Delta. The cross-validated regression coefficient (Q2cum, 0.823) and correlation coefficient (R2, 0.854) indicated significantly high robustness of the model. Moreover, P adsorption characteristics of sediments in the intertidal zones were systematically studied. The maximum adsorption rate (274.80 mg·kg-1·h-1) was in the sediment of the site having the aquacultures around which could lead to the higher organic matter content in the sediment. And the mass fraction of clay and silt (< 62.5 µm) was 74% in the sediment of this site. The adsorption capacities were ranged from 86.63 to 297.49 mg·kg-1 for all the sites. The P adsorption quantities decreased with the salinity increasing (2–30), and presented an inverted U-trend under the influence of pH (5–11). They increased with the increase of P concentration under the oxidation condition (>400 mV) but decreased under the reduction condition (0±100 mV). All the results could contribute to the restoration and management of the intertidal zones.

MF17104  Accepted 01 September 2017

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