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More (or less?) bounce for the ounce: a comparison of eDNA and classical approaches for bioassessment

Paul McInerney , Gavin Rees


Next generation sequencing (NGS) techniques are revolutionising bioassessment of ecosystems. Here we use a case study to compare eDNA and classical approaches to assess biotic communities in streams. Both techniques were successful in detecting changes to biotic communities following invasion by a non-native riparian plant. eDNA methods were 6 fold cheaper, and provided a coarse qualitative assessment of overall eukaryotic structure. Classical macroinvertebrate techniques, while assessing only a subset of eukaryotes, provided high resolution quantitative information that could be applied to assess functional aspects of the ecosystem. Selection of one method in preference to the other is highly dependent on the nature of the hypothesis to be tested.

MF17250  Accepted 28 November 2017

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