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Habitat suitability for Chilean silverside (Basilichthys microlepidotus) in the Mataquito River, Maule Region: a geospatial approach

Pablo Rojas , Christian Espinoza


Habitat suitability for the Chilean silverside (B. microlepidotus) in the Mataquito River, located in the Maule Region was evaluate with the use of geospatial analysis tools. Data were recorded in 2011 (a total of 40 fixed sampling stations) along the Mataquito River, as a result of five limnological surveys (i.e., January, March, June, August and November) in order to characterize the habitat, and estimate the abundance of the Chilean silverside in the river. Preference curves were used to describe the dependence of Chilean silverside (B. microlepidotus) on relevant physico-chemical, hydromorphological and biological parameters. The habitat suitability model showed that the combination of relevant parameters can more accurately explain the presence of a high habitat suitability index in the middle and lower section of the river, as well as the lower half of the upper section from Mataquito River. The habitat suitability model provides a comprehensive overall vision of hydrologic-hydraulic, morphodynamic and environmental phenomena that determine the dominant habitat for the Chilean silverside in the Mataquito River. Understanding the bio-ecological aspects of the Chilean silverside and dynamics of Mataquito River system contributes to the establishing policies for river resource conservations local and regional scales.

MF17263  Accepted 18 January 2018

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