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Differences in metal profiles revealed by native mussels and artificial mussels in Sarıçay Stream, Turkey: Implications on pollution monitoring

Tuncer Genç , Beverly Po , Fevzi Yilmaz , Tai-Chu Lau , Rudolf Wu , Jill Chiu


Using the native mussel Unio crassus and artificial mussels (AMs), profiles of 11 metals (Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, U, Zn) were determined and compared in winter and in summer along a pollution gradient in Sarıçay Stream, Turkey. Principal Component Analysis and correlation analysis showed that metal profiles in the native mussels and AMs were different. Concentrations of most metals were significantly higher in the native mussels compared with AMs, suggesting that metals in Sarıçay Stream predominantly existed in suspended particulates and food compartments, rather than in dissolved form. U was not readily accumulated by the native mussels, but can be taken up by AMs. Overall, our results suggested that the use of native mussels and AMs in water quality monitoring can provide complementary information and a better estimate and coverage of different metal species and forms in aquatic environments.

MF17293  Accepted 29 January 2018

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