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Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis and Weighting Functions in the Distribution of Wildland Fires

YH Chou

International Journal of Wildland Fire 2(4) 169 - 176
Published: 1992


Spatial autocorrelation and spatial weighting functions are examined in relation to the distribution of wildland fires. Records of fire activity and vegetation for the Idyllwild 15-minute quadrangle of the San Jacinto Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, California, are processed in a geographic information system to generate six spatial weighting functions: contiguity, area, boundary length, distance, area-distance combined, and boundary-distance combined. The weighted coefficients and significance tests show that contiguity best represents the spatial relationship in the distribution of wildand fires. Distance introduces a scaling effect which enhances the magnitude of Moran's I coefficient of spatial autocorrelation.

Keywords: Spatial autocorrelation; Weighting functions; Wildland fires

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