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Prediction of Fire Spread in Grasslands

NP Cheney, JS Gould and WR Catchpole

International Journal of Wildland Fire 8(1) 1 - 13
Published: 1998


This pager describes a model to predict fire spread in grasslands from wind speed at 10 m, dead fuel moisture, and degree of grass curing in three defined pasture types, The model was developed from spread measurements of experimental fins that were adjusted to their potential rate of spread at wide fronts. Extrapolations of the model were compared with spread data from 20 major wildfires in Australia. This model uses different functions to describe the relationship between rate of spread and wind speed above and below a critical wind speed of 5 km h-1. A linear relationship is used below 5 km h-1; above 5 km h-1 rate of spread is described by a power function of wind speed with an exponent of less than 1.

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