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A review of the flower characteristics of Geraldton waxflower and factors influencing their abscission from harvested stems

D. C. Joyce and D. R. Beasley

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 42(4) 519 - 525
Published: 25 June 2002


Geraldton waxflower (Chamelaucium uncinatum Schauer) is Australia's most economically important cut-flower export. Its small, attractive flowers make it particularly suitable as a filler in floral arrangements. However, postharvest bud and flower abscission is a major problem during transport, handling and marketing. Abscission may be caused by wound-induced endogenous ethylene production brought about by flower tissue infection with fungal pathogens such as Botrytis cinerea. Botany and postharvest characteristics are discussed in relation to flower abscission and how resultant postharvest losses may be minimised.

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