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Published: 11-May-2017

Perennial ryegrass breeding and the scaling issue: a review of system experiments investigating milk production and profit differences among cultivars

Stacey J. Hendriks, Daniel J. Donaghy, Lydia M. Cranston, Grant R. Edwards, David F. Chapman
Animal Production Science 57 (7) pp. 1289-1296
Published: 18-February-2016

Resilience in farm animals: biology, management, breeding and implications for animal welfare

Ian G. Colditz, Brad C. Hine
Animal Production Science 56 (12) pp. 1961-1983
Published: 19-August-2016

Ergovaline, an endophytic alkaloid. 2. Intake and impact on animal production, with reference to New Zealand

A. M. Nicol, J. L. Klotz
Animal Production Science 56 (11) pp. 1775-1786
Published: 03-May-2016

The contribution of qualitative behavioural assessment to appraisal of livestock welfare

Patricia A. Fleming, Taya Clarke, Sarah L. Wickham, Catherine A. Stockman, Anne L. Barnes, Teresa Collins, David W. Miller
Animal Production Science 56 (10) pp. 1569-1578
Published: 15-September-2015

Reducing the carbon footprint of Australian milk production by mitigation of enteric methane emissions

Peter J. Moate, Matthew H. Deighton, S. Richard O. Williams, Jennie E. Pryce, Ben J. Hayes, Joe L. Jacobs, Richard J. Eckard, Murray C. Hannah, William J. Wales
Animal Production Science 56 (7) pp. 1017-1034
Published: 23-September-2014

The value of research: using the Impact Tool to evaluate realised and anticipated benefits of the Cooperative Research Centre for Beef Genetic Technologies

G. R. Griffith, H. M. Burrow
Animal Production Science 55 (2) pp. 133-144
Published: 19-August-2014

Win–win strategies for high beef quality, consumer satisfaction, and farm efficiency, low environmental impacts and improved animal welfare

J. F. Hocquette, R. Botreau, I. Legrand, R. Polkinghorne, D. W. Pethick, M. Lherm, B. Picard, M. Doreau, E. M. C. Terlouw
Animal Production Science 54 (10) pp. 1537-1548
Published: 05-May-2014

Should animal fats be back on the table? A critical review of the human health effects of animal fat

William Barendse
Animal Production Science 54 (7) pp. 831-855
Published: 28-February-2014

Interactions between microbial consortia in biofilms: a paradigm shift in rumen microbial ecology and enteric methane mitigation

R. A. Leng
Animal Production Science 54 (5) pp. 519-543
Published: 13-March-2014

Influence of high pre-rigor temperature and fast pH fall on muscle proteins and meat quality: a review

Yuan H. Brad Kim, Robyn D. Warner, Katja Rosenvold
Animal Production Science 54 (4) pp. 375-395
Published: 25-February-2014

Potential nutritional strategies for the amelioration or prevention of high rigor temperature in cattle – a review

Kristy DiGiacomo, Brian J. Leury, Frank R. Dunshea
Animal Production Science 54 (4) pp. 430-443
Published: 21-February-2014

Techniques to reduce the temperature of beef muscle early in the post mortem period – a review

Robin H. Jacob, David L. Hopkins
Animal Production Science 54 (4) pp. 482-493
Published: 09-December-2011

Designing dairy cattle breeding schemes under genomic selection: a review of international research

J. E. Pryce, H. D. Daetwyler
Animal Production Science 52 (3) pp. 107-114