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Food, fibre and pharmaceuticals from animals


Comprehensive Analyses of the Animal and Food Sciences
Research papers in Animal Production Science (continuing Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture) focus on improving livestock and food production, and on the social and economic issues that influence primary producers. The journal is predominantly concerned with domesticated animals (beef cattle, dairy cows, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry); however, contributions on horses and wild animals may be published where relevant.

Animal Production Science publishes the highest quality original contributions dealing with:

  • animal breeding and genetics
  • animal nutrition and reproduction
  • livestock farming systems, sustainability and natural resource management
  • meat science and consumer acceptability
  • behaviour, health and welfare
  • feed quality and nutritional value
  • bio-pharmaceuticals derived from animals

Critical Reviews, Interdisciplinary Views and Comments
With the new scope of Animal Production Science you´ll benefit from exposure to debate from subject specialists from a variety of disciplines, including:

  • genetic and reproductive biotechnologies for livestock improvement
  • animal behaviour, health and welfare
  • dairy science and technology
  • sustainable production systems
  • meat science and quality

Thematic Discussions
Animal Production Science also supplements its broad coverage by publishing Special Issues, Research Fronts and Viewpoints