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Tatura Sodicity Conference: knowledge gaps in sodicity research for major agricultural industries

A. Surapaneni, K. A. Olsson, D. P. Burrow, H. G. Beecher, G. J. Ham, R. M. Stevens, N. R. Hulugalle, D. C. McKenzie and P. Rengasamy

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 42(3) 379 - 387
Published: 23 April 2002


This paper summarises the outcomes of the International Sodicity Conference, ‘Sodicity Issues in Agricultural Industries — Current Research and Future Directions’, held at Tatura, Victoria, 28 February–1 March 2000. In this paper we present (i) sodicity issues generic across agricultural industries, (ii) results of the interactive workshop, and (iii) knowledge gaps identified specifically for individual agricultural industries by experienced researchers. A priority ranking was given to the key issues raised within industry groups at the interactive workshop. Knowledge gaps for major agricultural industries were specifically listed to enable researchers and funding bodies alike to set future directions in sodicity research.

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