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Effect of pruning on regrowth of cut foliage stems of seventeen Eucalyptus species

M. G. Wirthensohn and M. Sedgley

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 38(6) 631 - 636
Published: 1998


Summary. Seventeen species of Eucalyptus were subjected to trials investigating their suitability for floriculture and the effect of pruning on cut foliage production. There was variation in leaf colour within and between species, and in the time to phase change and flowering. There were significant differences at 16 months between species for tree height, trunk diameter and lignotuber diameter with E. globulus having the largest dimensions. Following pruning at 19 months, there was an initial significant interaction between species and pruning height in relation to tree height, height increment, and trunk and lignotuber diameter. After 1 year there were significant differences between species, in the length of stems, number of stems and total weight of stems, with E. globulus producing the highest number and weight of stems. There was a positive correlation of trunk diameter and lignotuber diameter at 3 and 6 months after pruning with the number of cut foliage stems produced at 12 months. For E. gunnii pruning to 1.0 m at 25 months produced the most stems at 6 months after pruning.

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