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Grapevine virus indexing in the South Australian Vine Improvement Scheme, 1974-1987

RM Cirami, RJvan Velsen and J Niejalke

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 28(5) 645 - 649
Published: 1988


A virus indexing program, part of the South Australian Vine Improvement Scheme, tested local and imported clones and rootstock selections for the presence of leafroll, yellow speckle, corky bark, flavescence doree, fanleaf and stem pitting. This report summarises the results of virus indexing during 1974-87. 191 clones of 28 varieties and 46 clones of 19 rootstocks were indexed. The most frequently found virus was leafroll (36% of clones affected), followed by yellow speckle (30%) and stem pitting (16%). No corky bark, flavescence doree, or fanleaf was detected.

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