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High phosphorus concentrations in seed of wheat and annual medic are related to higher rates of dry matter production of seedlings and plants

MDA Bolland and MJ Baker

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 28(6) 765 - 770
Published: 1988


Seed of 2 cultivars of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and 1 burr medic (Medicago polymorpha) with increasing phosphorus (P) concentrations (wheat 1.4-3.7 g P/kg dry matter, medic 3.3-7.9 g P/kg dry matter) were collected from field experiments with variable levels of applied superphosphate (wheat 0- 577 kg P/ha, medic 0-364 kg P/ha) in south-western Australia. These seeds were used in further experiments to examine the effect of seed P concentration on the subsequent dry matter (DM) production of seedlings and plants in 3 glasshouse pot experiments and 1 field experiment. Seed of the same size (wheat, 35 mg/seed; medic, 3.6 mg/seed) but with increasing P concentration produced substantially higher DM yields in the absence or presence of freshly applied superphosphate P up to 28-35 days after sowing in the pot experiments and 67 days after sowing in the field experiment.

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