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Effect of daylength and temperature on flowering of the cut flower species Banksia coccinea and Banksia hookeriana

MA Rieger and M Sedgley

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 36(6) 747 - 753
Published: 1996


Vegetative growth and flowering of Banksia coccinea and B. hookeriana were investigated under controlled environment conditions of 8 and 16 h daylength at 15/10 and 25/20°C (day/night). All treatments stimulated vegetative growth of B. coccinea but the 16 h, 25/20°C treatment resulted in greatest shoot growth and highest floral initiation. Only the 8 and 16 h daylength treatments at 25/20°C stimulated vegetative growth, shoot extention and floral initiation of B. hookeriana. Comparable results for floral initiation and vegetative growth were observed with plants under outside conditions. The results indicate that vegetative growth is a prerequisite for floral initiation. Floral initiation of B. coccinea was influenced by daylength whereas B. hookeriana responded to temperature.

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