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The Preparation and Crystal Structures of a Series of Urea Adducts: with Fumaric Acid (2 : 1), with Itaconic Acid (1 : 1) and with Cyanuric Acid (1 : 1)

Graham Smith, Colin H. L. Kennard and Karl A. Byriel

Australian Journal of Chemistry 50(10) 1021 - 1026
Published: 1997


The adducts of a series of compounds with urea (ur) have been prepared and their crystal structures determined by X-ray crystallography. These are the adducts with the unsaturated aliphatic acids fumaric acid [(fumaric acid)(ur)2] (1) and itaconic acid [(itaconic acid)(ur)] (2), and with cyanuric acid [(cyanuric acid)(ur)] (3). All structures have extensive hydrogen-bonding systems in which most of the urea donor and acceptor sites are involved.

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