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Coupling of 1,3-Diynes on Metal Centres: Molecular Structure of Ru2{µ:µ-PhCC(C≡CPh)C[C2Ph{Co2(µ-dppm)(CO)4}]CPh}(CO)6

Michael I. Bruce, Natasha N. Zaitseva, Brian W. Skelton and Allan H. White

Australian Journal of Chemistry 51(2) 165 - 168
Published: 1998


The reaction between Ru33-PhC2C≡CPh)(µ-CO)(CO)9 and Co2(µ-dppm)(CO)6 afforded the title complex, in which a Co2(µ-dppm)(CO)4 unit is attached to one of the C≡C triple bonds of a µ-2η14-PhCC(C≡CPh)C(C≡CPh)CPh ligand bonded to an Ru2(CO)6 fragment.

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