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Synthesis of ω-Hydroxy Quaternary Ammonium Bolaform Surfactants

Tim W. Davey and Alan R. Hayman

Australian Journal of Chemistry 51(7) 581 - 586
Published: 1998


Several members of a novel class of w-substituted asymmetric bolaform surfactants have been synthesized in order to investigate their surfactant and biological properties. The ω-hydroxy trialkylammonium and pyridinium surfactants have significant antimicrobial and antifungal activity relative to their conventional analogues. For conventional quaternary ammonium alkyl surfactants, increasing the hydrocarbon chain length causes a decrease in the surfactant monomer solubility and a corresponding decrease in the biological activity. No such trend is observed for the ω-hydroxy quaternary ammonium bromide series.

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