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Spongosoritin A: A New Polyketide from a Fijian Marine Sponge, Spongosorites sp.

Robert J. Capon A C , Sachin Singh B , Sadaquat Ali B and Subramaniam Sotheeswaran B
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A Centre for Molecular Biodiversity, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland, St Lucia QLD 4072, Australia.

B Department of Chemistry, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji.

C Corresponding author. Email:

Australian Journal of Chemistry 58(1) 18-20
Submitted: 5 October 2004  Accepted: 30 November 2004   Published: 14 January 2005


A new polyketide, spongosoritin A, with a rare vinylagous α,β-unsaturated γ-lactone moiety was isolated from a Fijian marine sponge, Spongosorites sp., and the structure assigned by detailed spectroscopic analysis.


We acknowledge the taxonomic assistance of L. Goudie, and D. Howse for database support. This research was partially funded by the Australian Research Council, The Wellcome Trust, and the University of the South Pacific Research Committee.


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