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The Crystal Structure of Indium Monobromide

NC Stephenson and DP Mellor

Australian Journal of Scientific Research 3(4) 581 - 586
Published: 1950


The crystal structure of indium monobromide has been determined using powder and complete rotation photographs. The unit cell dimensions are              a= 4.46±0.005 Ǻ             b=12.39±0.02 Ǻ              c= 4 73±0.01 Ǻwith four molecules per cell. The space group is D172h:: -Cmcm. The structure is a layer structure isomorphous with that of thallium iodide TlI. Each indium has five bromine atoms arranged about it at the corners of a rectangular pyramid with one In-Br bond of 2.80 Ǻ and four In-Br bonds of 3.29 Ǻ. Indium atoms are similarly arranged about bromine atoms.

© CSIRO 1950

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